Community Reintegration Program

“When we advocate for those who can’t
advocate for themselves, when we collaborate
with others to uplift another, when we empower
people to fulfill their potential, we transform lives,
reduce recidivism and improve the communities
within which we all live!”

~ Elissa Lasserre, Founder, New Beginnings Law Center

At NBLC, we believe that:

  • Everyone Makes Mistakes
  • These mistakes hinder the ability to socially reintegrate into the community
  • Successful reintegration can be achieved by collaboration between the justice system and community organizations
  • Collaborative support fosters individual empowerment
  • When individuals are empowered, they develop the confidence and strength necessary to fulfill their potential and take control of their lives
  • By doing so, the tendency to fall back into old patterns decreases.

NBLC utilizes a multi-disciplinary approach.

We combine legal advocacy with social work to reduce recidivism. Through our reentry projects, we facilitate community reintegration and provide a socio-legal safety net for those at risk of re-entering the criminal justice system.

We are located in Marin County, California.

Elissa Lasserre
Executive Director/Managing Attorney

828 Mission Avenue
San Rafael, CA 94901


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