Community Reentry Program.

Our Program

NBLCs Community Reentry Program provides legal services to those with a criminal history. Our reentry projects are designed to help individuals successfully transition and reintegrate into their community after suffering a criminal conviction.

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Our Projects

NBLC believes that community outreach is essential to providing reentry services. Through our projects, we are able to perform community outreach to those at-risk of re-entering the criminal justice system. Our outreach projects serve the most vulnerable in our community: the homeless, the undocumented/non-U.S. citizen, those suffering from addiction and those reentering the community after incarceration.


Criminal Record Clearing Project

The Record Clearing Project at NBLC provides legal services to people that have a criminal history. A criminal history can create a barrier to employment, economic advancement, housing, licensing, education, and community involvement. We help the client overcome these barriers by clearing up the criminal record. Through case management and collaboration with other community organizations, we provide a safety net for those at risk of reentering the criminal justice system.

Our Services

Non-Traffic Infraction/Misdemeanors

  • Expungement
  • Early Termination/Modification of Probation
  • Veteran Relief

Felony Matters

  • Expungement w/17(b) Reduction
  • Expungement 1170(h)
  • Expungement of DNA Profile
  • Early Termination/Modification of Probation
  • Certificate of Rehabilitation/Governor’s Pardon
  • CRC Commitments
  • Veteran Relief

Juvenile Matters

  • Record Sealing (prior to 1/1/15)
  • Record Sealing 707(b) Crimes
  • Record Sealing DEJ
  • Record Sealing Arrest
  • Juvenile Record Set-Aside

Record Sealing

  • Pre-Filing Diversion Sealing
  • Drug Diversion Sealing
  • SB 383 Record Sealing


  • To Deem Detention only
  • Arrest no charges filed – Factual Innocence
  • Acquittal – Factual Innocence
  • Sealing of Conviction Set Aside due to Finding of Factual Innocence

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Immigrant Post Conviction Relief Project

The Immigrant Post-Conviction Relief Project addresses the post-conviction needs of our immigrant community. Those without U.S citizenship suffer the harshest sanction for involvement in the criminal justice system, removal from their families and a country that promised a better and safer life. For noncitizens, vacating an unconstitutional conviction and/or reducing felony convictions to misdemeanor convictions can be a powerful way to eliminate certain grounds of deportability, or open eligibility for immigration status or immigration benefits.

NBLC also provides legal advocacy to the immigrant community through “Know Your Rights” counseling. This counseling prepares the undocumented for encounters with local and federal law enforcement agencies.

Our Services

  • Reducing and Resentencing
  • Withdrawal of Plea for Cause after Deferred Entry of Judgment
  • Vacating Convictions
  • “Know Your Rights” Counseling
  • Direct Appeal
  • Habeas Corpus

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Substance Abuse Post-Conviction Relief Project

The Substance Abuse Post-Conviction Relief Project addresses the needs of those with substance abuse-related criminal histories. The use of alcohol and drugs can negatively affect all aspects of a person’s life, impact their family, friends, and place an enormous burden on the community. One of the most significant areas of risk with the use of alcohol and drugs is the connection to crime. Those arrested and/or convicted of substance abuse crimes often lose their housing, licenses, relationships, and employment. NBLC advocates for return of licenses, housing, and employment and provides referrals, case management, and collaboration for family law matters.

Our Services

  • License Reinstatement – California State Licensing Departments (Motor Vehicles, Social Services, Consumer Affairs)
  • Federal and State Housing loss due to criminal record
  • Employment loss due to criminal record
  • Family Law Referrals and Collaboration
  • W&I 3200 Petitions – CRC commitments
  • Detox, Inpatient/Outpatient Coordination

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Prison Reentry (AB109 and CDCR) Project

Once an individual reenters society, their likelihood of becoming a contributing member of their community is dependent on whether they can secure meaningful employment, find a place to live, and have the education and skills necessary to advance in life. There are two levels of support that are needed to help the individual reintegrate: 1) government support such as state supervised parole or county-level supervision, and 2) community support. It is critical to the individual’s success that support does not end at the government level. NBLC provides the necessary community support by picking up where the government’s involvement left off. We provide continued support through referrals, case management and collaboration with other community resources with the end goal of full reintegration and certificate of rehabilitation.

Our Services

  • Family Services
  • Financial Planning and Assistance
  • Education & Training
  • Employment Assistance
  • Health & Wellness
  • Housing Assistance
  • Legal Services
  • Public Benefits (such as Medi-Cal and Cal Fresh)

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Homelessness Project
The homeless are some of the most vulnerable members of our society. They are more susceptible to violence and health problems than those with housing. In addition, they are often marginalized by the justice system and society. Often, the homeless have been involved in the criminal justice system, primarily for lifestyle crimes such as unlawful lodging, under the influence of alcohol and drugs, and theft of necessities of life. Addressing the issue of homelessness is complicated and requires collaboration and effort between the community, the justice system, law enforcement, social service agencies and mental health and substance abuse professionals.


Through our homelessness project, we counsel the homeless with respect to criminal record clearing, community and collaborative courts and community referrals to address various needs. Together with other nonprofit agencies, we provide a “safe place” to discuss life challenges and work toward positive change.


Our Services

  • Criminal Record Clearing
  • Community Court Advocacy
  • Collaborative Justice Advocacy
  • Information, Resources and Referrals
  • Case Management and Support

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LGBTQ Project

Coming in 2022

290 Project

Coming in 2022

Indiginous Peoples Project

Coming in 2022

Other Services
NBLC provides additional legal services in the following areas:

  • Department of Justice Criminal History Claim of Inaccuracy
  • Out of State Record Clearing Research
  • Traffic Penalty Alternatives

Out of County/State Legal Representation

Out of county/state post-conviction legal representation may be performed for Marin County residents. If the case is in a county/state outside the bay area, NBLC will first need to secure the assistance of pro bono counsel in that county/state, prior to committing to and undertaking any legal work.

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