Consideration of the whole person is the recipe for success

Entanglement in the Criminal Justice System creates a tremendous amount of stress. We work closely with our clients to help address all aspects of their personal wellness.

Yes, it does take a village!

Five Dimensions Of Wellness

  1. Emotional – Care for Emotional Crisis, Stress Management
  2. Physical – Fitness, Nutrition, Medical Self-Care, Control of Substance Abuse
  3. Intellectual – Educational Achievement, Career Development
  4. Social – Communities, Family, Friends
  5. Spiritual – Love, Hope, Charity, Purpose

Our experience has shown us that when one of these dimensions is out of balance, the whole person is out of balance and the likelihood of recidivist behavior is increased. We address the concept of “Wellness” through partnerships and collaboration with other social service organizations to address the out of balance dimension. These partnerships are critical for the client’s success.

Some of our Partners

Center for Domestic Peace
Legal Aid of Marin
Social Canal Alliance
Streets Team
Family & Children’s Law Center
Family & Children’s Law Center

What We Offer Partners


Holistic Approach to Client Wellness

Network with Other Nonprofit Organizations

Collaborate to Maximize Client’s Success

At New Beginnings Law Center, we believe that in order for clients to avoid recidivism, they must become empowered. We help empower our clients by providing an environment of trust, respect, accessibility, and direction from commencement to conclusion of their case. After the case is over, we maintain a relationship with the client and provide referrals according to their needs.

Let’s work together. Contact us today to become an NBLC partner in changing lives!