When The Client Succeeds, We All Succeed

“I made a mistake when I was young. I couldn’t pursue a real estate license because of my record. NBLC cleared up my record and worked with the licensing board. I now have a good profession and can support myself.”


Cindy R.

Everytime I applied for a job, I got denied because of my record. I couldn’t make enough money to support my family. NBLC cleared up my record and worked with an employment specialist. I can now provide for my family.

Tino B.

The amount of people marginalized by a criminal record is staggering!

  • Nearly one-third of the adult working age population has a criminal record.
  • In fact, so many Americans have a criminal record that counting them all is nearly impossible.
  • As Many Americans Have Criminal Records As College Diplomas
  • A criminal record creates a barrier to employment, housing, education, licensing and civic participation.
  • Convictions are even worse for job applicants. A 2009 Justice Department study found that a past criminal conviction of any sort reduced the likelihood of a job offer by 50 percent.

Please join us in giving people with criminal records hope for a better future.

With your support, we can transform lives!

Every dollar matters. Help us give people the
help they deserve.


Here’s what your donation will do:


Through our outreach programs, we provide education, legal advocacy and hope for better life.


The misconceptions surrounding those with criminal convictions are many. We all make mistakes but we are not defined by them.


NBLC aims to create a positive community that believes in the reality of rehabilitation. We provide legal advocacy, community collaboration and support.


In addition to legal advocacy, NBLC provides guidance and referrals to support the client’s emotional, physical, spiritual, intellectual and social needs.

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